Hope Runners of Gridlock

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Hope Runners of Gridlock

Simon de la Rouviere

Flora had given up hope. Her father, like the other Hope Runners that had won their championships, had bravely disappeared into the strange anomaly that encased the city of Gridlock, only to never return with the answers to their questions. What happened to their world? What happened to her father?

When the first Hope Runner returns two decades after her father left, events are set into motion that not only gives Flora an unexpected opportunity to pursue the truth in her father’s footsteps, but also threatens to reveal the secrets that keep the delicate power balance and intricate car markets of the city of Gridlock alive.

With Palma, her friend from the Penthouses in the sky, and Esper, her friend from the cars in the Trunks, they adventure through a story of hope, belonging, intrigue, cryptography, and radical markets.


All formats are digital, in widely used e-book formats [epub. mobi]

When buying, you will receive:

- The Novel.

- A 'Companion Guide' that contains: exploration of the themes in the novel, the creative process, and the mechanics and economics of the city of Gridlock. [pdf]

- A 12-track, EP of musical mood boards by the in-universe musician: Alcove Turner. "Songs For Gridlock To Metamodern By."

- All Early Drafts [December 2019, March 2020, August 2020]. [pdf]


It is pay-what-you-want, licensed under creative commons (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

I also accept most cryptocurrencies [prefer ETH or stablecoins]. If you choose to pay with crypto, mark the price as zero. The Ethereum address will be in the receipt.

I want this!

Novel + Companion Guide + Audio Moodboard EP + Early Drafts

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